Thomson Reuters® Confirmation: Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) pre-approved for Singapore firms!

What is PSG?

Following approval from IMDA and ACRA, Confirmation is now a vendor under Accountancy Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). 

New and existing customers can now take advantage of PSG for bank and AR/AP confirmations.

Save up to 50% off your Confirmation subscription packages under PSG for your: 

  • Bank confirmation requests to banks in Singapore and
  • AR/AP requests worldwide
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Thomson Reuters® Confirmation is the world's leading financial verification platform that helps you control the audit confirmation process from start to finish. That's why 1.5 million users across 170 countries use our secure, centralised platform. 

Request all your confirmations from one single platform:

  • Bank confirmations
  • Accounts receivable/payable (AR/AP) confirmations
  • Legal confirmations

Bank Confirmations


Speed up and simplify your audit confirmations

Auditors, bankers, and financial professionals around the world trust Confirmation to validate data and identify fraud. We can help you too. Confirmation can:

  • Reduce audit confirmation process from weeks to days
  • Keep your clients' data safe thanks to our robust data-security system keeps your clients' data safe
  • Send to over 25+ banks in Singapore (click here for the full list of banks in APAC) and over 4,000 banks around the world
  • Want to know how much time and money your firm can save with Confirmation? Check out here

AR AP Confirmations


Auditors can quickly confirm AR/AP balances online with Confirmation

Confirmation is the world’s leading financial verification platform, making secure connections between accounting firms and their clients’ customers and vendors. That means:

  • No more chasing responses thanks to Confirmation’s automated reminders to responders
  • Higher response rates online compared to paper
  • Centralised management of both bank and AR/AP confirmations on one single platform

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Website FAQ

Why Confirmation?
Third party confirmations are an important part of the audit process. The Confirmation platform allows audit firms to streamline their confirmation process with banks and other third parties. And by providing a secure and closed network to request from banks in our network, audit firms can obtain reliable and good quality audit evidence.
How will the subscriptions helps us improve the way we do business?
With unlimited requests to Singapore banks, SMPs are able to affordably send requests to all Singapore banks in the Confirmation network as well as send all their AR/AP requests via Confirmation. By putting most of their audit confirmation requests (for both banks and AR/AP) on Confirmation, their audit teams can spend more time on important audit work such as applying professional skepticism and providing quality audit.
Can I have more than 80 clients in Premium subscription?
Yes you can. Each additional client costs S$66 each. If you add these clients into your PSG application, they will be applicable for the subsidy.
If I use up the number of clients I signed up for and have extra clients, am I still covered under subscription?
Yes! If you have used up your clients under the subscription and would like to send more requests to Singapore banks, go ahead and do so. You will still enjoy the subscription rate of S$66 per extra client. However as they were not included in the PSG subscription, they will not be covered by PSG subsidy.
Do I have to pay for both years at one go?
You can pay for each year before they commence.
What is the payment method?
By credit card. We will send you a secure payment link.
Can I start my subscription first and then apply for PSG?
PSG requires SMPs to obtain approval on the grant before starting their subscription
I have used up the number of clients in my Premium package. But I have more clients that I need to send AR/AP requests for. Can I still do so under the subscription?

Yes. Under both subscriptions, you can send unlimited number of AR/AP requests for an unlimited number of clients.

Under the Premium subscription, how much will I pay for international bank requests?
Requests to banks outside of Singapore (i.e. banks that do not use SG – Client Consolidated form) will be charged as normal which is on a per transaction basis.


Where can I find the official information from the Singapore Government regarding PSG?

Please feel free to verify our information on the Gobusiness Singapore website at this link.

Can Confirmation act on behalf of our firm and assist us in applying for the subsidy from the PSG initiative?

No, Confirmation employees must not falsely represent themselves as employees of a customer. Based on IMDA’s directive, Confirmation is unable to act on behalf of any firm or assist in the application process for the PSG initiative. The PSG grant application and subsidy process must be handled directly by the authorised representatives of SMEs.